How to Grab the Highest Paying Call Center Job in the Philippines Today

The call center industry in the Philippines has come a long way. Previously concentrated in Metro Manila alone, now there are numerous offices in provinces as well. If you are in Metro Manila, though, you need not go out of your way to find your dream call center job.

Stellar Philippines in Eastwood City offers P45K guaranteed to Communication Assistants. The job is simple: you listen and repeat. You sit around all day, listen to gossip, repeat what you hear, and every month you get paid more than double what most call center agents get. No doubt, this is not only the highest paying, but also, one of the easiest call center jobs in the country.


As indicated on the ad above, Communication Assistants aid the hard-of-hearing in communicating over the phone. This is done by legally tapping into their live phone conversations and repeating the other end into a voice-recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. The job requires high-level of fluency in English,  wide vocabulary, perfect hearing, and clear speech.

The job itself is easy but being a highly-coveted position, getting in is extremely hard. In some situations, even people who possess all the skills mentioned don’t make it. This may come naturally to some people (like it did to me) but most of you would try and fail. The key to getting hired successfully is a ton of research and practice.

Start by fully understanding how the job works. Go through these steps to ensure you know what you’re getting into.

  1. Go to this video to watch a demo of the Clear Captions app on a smartphone.
  2. Learn how Dragon works. You don’t necessarily have to download Dragon (It’s expensive) but at least learn how to make it work better for you and practice with free voice-recognition apps and see how you fare in voicewriting.
  3. Send an email to for your other questions and personalized tips. (My responses are as quick as lightning.)

Like I said, working as a Communication Assistant is easy but getting in is the hard part. Follow my tips and communicate with me through email and your chances of making it are sure to double.